Wedding : LED / Fire / Fireworks / Fire Heart 

StreetShow : Attention ! Concentration ! Action !  

StreetShow : Goa 

45 Minutes, 6 X 8m performance space (minimum), Juggling, Fire, Comedy, Poetry, Audience Interaction 

45 Minutes  


6 X 10m performance space  



Juggling, Fire, Comedy, Acrobatics,  Audience Interaction  


15-25 Minutes , 

10 X 20m performance space (minimum), 


Solo or duo show
personalized with display of names and portraits
Explosive finale
Lighting of the heart of fire by the bride and groom



Performance : Feu  /  Artifices  /  LED  /  UV 

2 to 10 minutes acts : 

 Buugeng UV, Tripleng UV, 8ring UV, Kite UV, Pixel Poi LED, Pixel NunchuksLED, Diabolo LED, Rope Dart LED, Buugeng LED, Levistick LED, Nunchaku FIRE, Rope Dart FIRE, Dragon Staff FIRE, Levistick FIRE